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Went to the Canon 1d x launch the other day , was a great event and a even better camera , it will be the first Camera in the 1 d series I would have brought and actually  tired first !!


Well we have returned from Fiji from our shoot in one piece … it was my idea to blog while there and through the whole assignment , but with 4.30 am starts and not finishing until well after dark there was not much time to blog

from the assignment we Shot 1.3 tb in three days .


(a) the air new zealand check out lady looks at you and say “Your kidding right” when you turn up to check in

(b) the excess baggage bill is more than the airfare


Has been a bit busy lately lots on and lots coming up

here is what we have been up to video wise for the last little bit……


over the years I have amassed quite a lot of gear , and now that we are into video that has all been x 2 , there have been some things that I ¬†have brought which are great and some that are not , (more…)

Camper Emirates Team New Zealand ¬†New Yacht crossed the Harbour bridge , although I would guess this will be the one and only time it will go by road . Hamish Hooper our Editor/Producer for is on loan to the team Volvo ocean race . (more…)

Its been a bizzare month ….. Having just got back from Cambodia and Thailand , I had a day off to recharge gear, wash clothes play with the kiddies ¬†, and then straight on to catching up with work on a super yacht project we have been working on for the the past two and a half years (more…)