Brendon O'Hagan | The art of a group Picture…..yell a lot
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The art of a group Picture…..yell a lot

The art of a group Picture…..yell a lot

the art of a group picture

Has been a very very busy couple of months hence the lack of blog posts.

its been a month of group shots , sometimes the word “group shot ” can send fear into a photographer !

this month I have had a years worth in just a month .

I guess the biggest thing with a group shot is planning and after that its more planning and then more planning after that .

here a sample of group shots  first one is of a bunch of Rugby world cup technical advisors was rather a big one but everything was pre-panned and off it went quickly

second one was a shot of a bunch of chefs , I had no idea how many people would be in the shot as it was after breakfast and after a rather a big night the night before as they were all cooking for a charity night  , I tend to find that you need to take control and yell a bit but it works and gets the job done ( a deep voice helps as well)

third is Prime Minister, Presidents and leaders of nations , bit harder this one … cant yell at them!!!! ¬†, Luckily this one comes with a few Government advisors so they are able to help get people sitting in the right place and order , in all ¬†days ¬†to plan and 45 seconds ¬†to shoot