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In feb I was luckly enough to travel on the navy ship Otago, the asignment was to shoot stills and video for the Sir Peter Blake trust in the Auckland islands in the southern ocean stop after the Auckland islands is  a big block of ice , so it was a tad cold ,tad wet but want a amazing place and a amazing group to go with .

as far as conditions go it was some of the hardest I have found .. I’m still cleaning out salt four months later …  (more…)

End of last year there was a Oceanic sevens tourment in Auckland  up for grabs were a place in the Olympics so it was pretty tight comp

I have always loved sevens here are a few images from the two day tournment


No not really just its been so busy I havnt had much of a chance to update

and another year has speed past at breakneck speed .. and my blog has fallen to the way side

so I will throw in a few updates  and see and try and stay on top a bit better
couple of interesting jobs over the last few months coming up
regards brendon


It’s been a rather busy few months , with a large amount of assignments behind us , it seem a life time ago that we were working on the cwc 2015 (more…)

The Volvo ocean race one of my Favorites sporting events and one of the best travelling shows around when down with My kids in the weekend , had a go at the sailing , hooped on a yacht to see what life would be like on board  (more…)

Like any Job , mine has its ups and downs it has the good stories and the bad ,   luckly the good far out weights the bad  and sometimes you have a week where you have the most diverse days in the job …

like last week


I had the assignment to shoot a group of Drivers during a Harness racing event in Aucklands Alexander park , only problem was that I was never going to be able to get them all in the same room at one time , due to racing scedules so I was going to set up and shoot them over a period of  a couple of hours  (more…)

So one of my first big jobs from the year was to do a session with up and coming boxer Joseph Parker  a all round nice guy who has just signed up by Under Armour NZL , the session was in a cross fit Gym and it was kinda a all on session , no fake sweat needed here .. (more…)

I am a plane spotter…..   There I have now admitted it and its all in the open … but to be fair it kinda   made taking on a job during the xmas hoildays a little bit easier …

The assignment was to cover the Landing of Boeings new 787-9 that is over this side of the world  doing tests etc before coming into service with Air New Zealand who will be the first airline in the world to use this type .
its made of carbon fibre ,is quite as a mouse  and if you have a spare 200 Million you could have one two….. if you are happy to wait four years till your name comes up on the list (more…)