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Stuff I like

Stuff I like

over the years I have amassed quite a lot of gear , and now that we are into video that has all been x 2 , there have been some things that I  have brought which are great and some that are not ,

So Im going to throw in a few little “reviews” stuff that I like .

Bags , I have heaps , ( but if my wife ever reads this I only have two!!! ) ¬†I had always been looking for the perfect bag that will do everything that I need in one bag ….. but it has taken me a long time to figure out it does not exist !!

so now I change bags depending on what I need for the job

but I did find a company that makes really good stuff Thinktank bags  I get all my gear from in Auckland and they stock most  of the there bags ,( if fact I believe I purchased the very first bag that they had in a a demo 6 or 7 years ago!! )

why i like it is they are well thought out for photographers , there are compartments in the right place , theres rain jackets  in there

This bag is a multimedia-wired-up-20 it stays in the back of my car it can take a couple of lens , flash and a body if I need it , is if I need to be mobile and not having to take a lot of gear  its also the carry bag we use for video and sound gear , I tend to use this if Im in a small places like yachts etc but also means I have most things on me and one time

and it also makes me think about what gear that I really need on the Job

my main bag is a think tank  shapeshifter or a Think tank roller more ( on them later )

more “Stuff I Like” coming up !!