Brendon O'Hagan | About
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Brendon is one of New Zealand’s most experienced and reliable print photographers with over twenty years experience.

Where did he cut his teeth?

Brendon has worked for some of the biggest media players, including AFP, Bloomberg, Nike, The New Zealand Herald and The Sunday Star-Times. For three years he was a staff photographer at The New Zealand Herald, before developing his craft in Europe. On his return to New Zealand, he built a successful freelance business, working regularly for the Star-Times, TVNZ and the NZ Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

What can he offer me?

Brendon is used to working in almost any setting and is used to tight deadlines.

He’s known as a creative and versatile performer who always comes through with the goods. In short, he works hard but enjoys every minute!

Does he specialise in one particular area?

This varies, from shooting live sports action to documentary portraiture and corporate needs. He works across all media, including video. Have a good look around the site to see his recent commissions.

So he has all the gear?

Not only the gear, but an experienced team to boot. Brendon employs a pool of talented and trusted photographers and photo retouchers. With a fully-mobile studio set-up – and the latest in professional Canon equipment – he can liase with you to devise a sophisticated shoot designed to meet your needs.

Can I afford him!

Brendon is an enthusiastic guy who loves taking pictures and telling a story. Your story. He enjoys where particular assignments take him and his team. No job is too big or two small. Whether you need a photo shoot, or want to tell a story through moving images, feel free get in touch.