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It was by best intentions that I was going to blog away while on assignment , but like all good laid plans that was put to bed early on day 1 ..

the assignment was to cover six international  riders as the road from one side of the island to the other… in four days not a easy feat and going down some of the most scenic areas we have in New Zealand. (more…)

Every year ,I take on a job where the payback is not measured in money return, or in contract  negations etc, (in fact its  two jobs a years as I also do a Charity event once a year as well for Pro bono ). but every year I take on a job were I have total creative freedom to create a video piece or a still Photography assignment on what every floats my boat or in this case spins my wheels.. (more…)  co owner Hamish Hooper  ( and a sister site to this one ) is in San Fran shooting video of the Emirates Team New Zealand  quest to bring the cup home for the Team , I have shot Three America’s Cup over My time as a still Photographer so here’s hoping it can bring it back home so we can shoot a bit more  (more…)

And then you throw in camera gear and it gets even harder . Over the years I have gone from the photographer that wanted lots of gear to the photographer who has lots of gear and now wants less gear .. if that kinda makes sence.. I now buy gear that is top quailty but also light and easier to travel with . (more…)

I have been out to see the larger than life  charter that is Kim dot com now for a fourth time for a another international magazine this time it was Forbes magazine (more…)

CEO portraits can be  a funny thing. A portrait of a CEO sometime you get loads of time to shoot one others you get next to no time …. and that is most of the time you get next to no time .. if you get what I mean . (more…)

We have just finished working on our latest video clip for Prada’s  America cup team Luna Rossa  which have been  based in Auckland during the building and training part of there campaign . (more…)

The second part of of the blue seventy shoot was in Taupo , at a round of the contact ri series , mainly as the blue Seventy trailer was there loaded up with all the gear and a stream of athletes , that the blue Seventy rep Warren Benny  could talk into to go for a swim it was a pretty good to day with the weather playing along so it didn’t take to much convincing to get swimmers to take the plunge images were all shoot on a 5 d mark2 and a five d mark 3  with everything from a 16mm lens to a 500mm , I’m looking to have a bit of a test with a canon 1d x C in the next few weeks , so will look forward to that as well  .