Brendon O'Hagan | Rugby world cup 2011 here….. then gone….
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Rugby world cup 2011 here….. then gone….

Rugby world cup 2011 here….. then gone….

The rugby World cup seemed to pass me buy in a flash . Having spent the last 10 years covering  the Allblacks  from the side of the field , this rugby world cup Cup I did not even get to shoot a full game .

I was assigned to cover the events around the rugby world cup for ATEED or (Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development Ltd)

It was a pretty big undertaking ¬†with up to 5 shooters working at one time , covering from ¬†fan zones to agri days , to the Fan trails .really enjoyable ¬†and the funny thing is I didn’t miss running up and down on the side line one bit….. must be getting old …..

and special thanks to a bunch of guys and girls that shoot , edited and produced as well on this project

Micheal Bradley,Lance Wordsworth, Gareth Cooke,Kenny Rodger ,Sally O’Hagan,Blair Monk, Tony Monk, Carl Budden