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one of the jobs I have done lately  (and another favorite client) is Surf lifesaving New Zealand . A few weeks back we shot a few picture for a new manual . Surf life saving  the service will start using jet skis a cross the country , to use alongside there IRB  boats .

I have great admiration for these guys they do a great job during the summer and have to deal with more than there fair share of idiots ¬†. (more…)

I have spent he last three days covering the Semi and Finals of the Louis Vuitton Trophy for AFP .

Its the second time I have covered the event for AFP and its at good fun event , Long days but when the weather is good and wind is blowing in the right direction it can make for some great Pictures , Unfortunately we had neither for the last three days of the Finals ¬†but still we have to provide coverage no matter what the weather ¬†. (more…)

This was a Assignment I did a few months ago in November of last year it was the world cup Qualifier with New Zealand vs Bahrain ¬†, it was a home and away match with New Zealand drawing the first leg and ¬†needing to win by a goal in the home leg it was played at the Cake tin in Wellington , one of the best stadiums in New Zealand in my opinion . (more…)