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For the past several summer I have worked with Blue seventy a high end wet suit maker , started in New Zealand  they have now grown to be a world leader in wetsuit and swim suits design .


I travel a bit . no quite a lot. last year I had 32 flights around NZ and oversea’s  which is sounds nice but with air travel today  its 32 flights of stress and part of the problem is camera gear.
I travel gear for my job it is expensive, heavy and hard to transport . and to top it off I seem to get hit with excess baggage fees as well and its getting harder and harder to carry on camera gear , (which is fair enough the user  should pay  ) last years excess baggage total was $2456 which is quite a bit over a year  so this year Im changing the way I work.

Mr Dot Com has been in the news quite a bit lately so it wasn’t a huge surprise when I got the first call to go and cover , but by the week end I had visited the dotcom mansion three times for three different publication for three different countries .. that is a first for me …..oh one was for Spiegel  magazine from Germany ,The wall Street Journal in New York , and Bloomberg from Hong Kong


As part of the assignment to Vietnam part of it  was to shoot a small promo video of the trip well it now all completed and live check it out here .

it was shot with a canon 5d mark3 and three lens and a bit of Gopro actio in there as well

[vimeo width=”640″ height=”480″][/vimeo]

One of my latest purchases from progear has been a a couple of  canon 600ex and a ST-E3 , a 600ex is the latest flash from Canon . To be fair Canon has always been lacking in the old  flash dept , they have never been that great (nikon always had the jump in that dept) (more…)

It funny how things work as you get older …., when I was a young fella ( a long time ago) I never really thought a tripod was ever really needed , you only ever used them when you had to ,they were big and a pain to carry around . (more…)

Shot a few bottles for a long standing client Charlie’s (a great West Auckland Company which sold to a Japanese company a while ago)  kinda saw the company grow.

I have always enjoyed shooting  products in studio , its always quite a challenge  (more…)