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Job done

Job done

Well we have returned from Fiji from our shoot in one piece … it was my idea to blog while there and through the whole assignment , but with 4.30 am starts and not finishing until well after dark there was not much time to blog

from the assignment we Shot 1.3 tb in three days .

the assignment was to finish off shooting Vertigo,  a very large and beautiful  super yacht Built at Alloy Yachts in Henderson . I have been working on this for almost three years  to create a mini Doco andf a coffee table book .

Vertigo is nothing short of Stunning … and having worked on the making of her from the start ¬†I have become quite attached to the yacht and it was quite magnicent to see it sail in the islands . ( I will have to stop calling her “my Yacht” ¬†as I could not even afford to supply the toilet paper on it !!)

my job was to shoot stills and video from the Helicopter  it was Quite a mission to get camera , operators to the island  to shoot the yacht , while we did not  have as much wind as I would have liked it still made great pics, and video and to working on something that in just three years ago was a bunch of Slaps of Alloy  sitting on a rack  , now comes endless hours of editing and the final book design

here is a link to the making of vertigo a timelapse that went for two and a half years  on a canon 5 d  taking four Frames a day


and a few Chopper Shots from Chris Lewis  who was also there shooting a few Pictures , with me is Lance Wordsworth camera man superstar