Brendon O'Hagan | A long and winding road part 1
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A long and winding road part 1

A long and winding road part 1

Every year ,I take on a job where the payback is not measured in money return, or in contract  negations etc, (in fact its  two jobs a years as I also do a Charity event once a year as well for Pro bono ). but every year I take on a job were I have total creative freedom to create a video piece or a still Photography assignment on what every floats my boat or in this case spins my wheels..

more often its to test out a new piece of gear  that I have  or has come from My camera  Firms , this years its a bit different , this year its a bike ride from New Plymouth to Hawke’s Bay . and I will be pretty much taking every thing I own !!


its a stills and video assignment and will be shot over four days , I will have most of my gear and hopefully will have time to try it out in different places and in different situations , and perhaps post as well go , I don’t usally try and shoot stills and video at the same time as its pretty hard to get good footage of both one always suffers  , but as I have four days I will try and see what we an do.

So its packing up the fstop bags  from Progear