Brendon O'Hagan | travel its Great but also can be a pain in the……
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travel its Great but also can be a pain in the……

travel its Great but also can be a pain in the……

And then you throw in camera gear and it gets even harder . Over the years I have gone from the photographer that wanted lots of gear to the photographer who has lots of gear and now wants less gear .. if that kinda makes sence.. I now buy gear that is top quailty but also light and easier to travel with .

and to carry all that gear I need bags lots of them  . I’m often in planes cars etc or carrying the gear over hills on my back , so I had invested into Fstop camera bags ( from pro gear in New Zealand )  the bags are great and what makes them a bit different is the are a module like bag you can lift out the insert and place in another bag , so I have a lite room roller bag which I use most of the time , but can swap it out to a back back if needed , , I did write about my fstop  bags before  which I loved it did’nt have a pocket in it which I added myself , but I now have version two of the lite room .

and its kinda cool to see they have now built pockets into the top and the bag now stands on it own when standing up , little things but it does make a world of difference when you are working out of a bag , Both were suggestion I had made on the site so I’m sure other people had mentioned it as well nice to have a company that listen to its customers

three of My fstop bags

the new pocket system on the new bag small but really great improvements


three bags loaded and ready to go

my modification to the older bag to give it a top pocket not anywhere nice as the new one