Brendon O'Hagan | oops i havnt done a blog for a while ….
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oops i havnt done a blog for a while ….

oops i havnt done a blog for a while ….

well almost 5 months have passed with out a blog which is rather poor on my part , what can I say its been busy…… , the last few months have been filled with Cricket world Cup trophy tour , super yachts and lots on trains for Kiwi rail .

I will get to the blog about them  but first , a Little video , about a year ago I shot a little clip on a few guys on a cycle trip , it was a good trip not a paid one and one that I had a bit of new gear to play with so kinda a test for me to see what could be done , I also edited the clip, while editing is not my strong point I did enjoy the challenge and it was good for me to edit what I shoot so I learn , I mad a few mistakes along the way  . while it didnt work out quite how I saw it it was good exercise and one that I learned alot from while I would love to do more personal work , there dosnt seem to be much time left in a day for it …


shot mostly on a canon c100

[vimeo width=”640″ height=”640″][/vimeo]