Brendon O'Hagan | Fishing and the Louis Vuitton Trophy
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Fishing and the Louis Vuitton Trophy

Fishing and the Louis Vuitton Trophy

I have spent he last three days covering the Semi and Finals of the Louis Vuitton Trophy for AFP .

Its the second time I have covered the event for AFP and its at good fun event , Long days but when the weather is good and wind is blowing in the right direction it can make for some great Pictures , Unfortunately we had neither for the last three days of the Finals  but still we have to provide coverage no matter what the weather  .

to cover the event we pile into small and fast photographer  rib boats which gives us good access and the ability to race ahead and get shots of the boats as they round the marks  all good fun the bonus for us in our boat is the skipper james and fishing lines aboard so in betwwen races and delays ( and there where a few Long ones!!) we headed out a went fishing !!

a total of 12 snapper for the day  and top top it off I was still able to send  couple of picture  out as well, so all good fun !

Oh and Emirates team New Zealand won

here is a few pictures