Brendon O'Hagan | A rather Large Yacht
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A rather Large Yacht

A rather Large Yacht

One of the projects that have been working on for the last two years is the recording the making of a rather large 67 meter luxury yacht

I have been recording the progress of the building with still images, (a canon 5d sitting in the corner of the factory taking a picture every 2 hours ) we also have been shooting video for a mini doco on the making of the yacht , and I also have two web cams set up so the client can login and see real time progress of his once in a life time build .

and we are now also working on the custom made book to feature the making of the Yacht .

all this takes place in Alloy yachts in Henderson where the factory pumps .. maybe not pumpsout … it takes over two years to build a yacht… ¬†they have up to five on the go at once , the finished products are floating luxury hotels with every thing you could every need in them .

I will post some more images when it completed  .

( I am also working on the next alloy yacht as well with a second time lapse camera ticking away )