Brendon O'Hagan | Last few Days in France
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Last few Days in France

Last few Days in France

On Monday one of the projects that I have worked on for the last 2 and a half years  hit the water .Loretta Anne was launched on Monday .

so for the last few years the lads at Alloy Yachts in Henderson turned a bunch of flat slaps of alloy  to a stunning work of art  that just floats away .

It’s the second Yacht that I have worked with so far at Alloys , with this one I had a time-lapse camera set up for two years and  shot monthly updates for the owners rep  , and Inside is as stunning as the outside , it will be around Auckland  for a a few months

and a good example that you can pretty much do anything in a country of Four Million .


Loretta Anne , Alloy Yachts Loretta Anne Alloy Yachts Loretta Anne  Alloy Yachtsloretta Anne Alloy yachts