Brendon O'Hagan | Bowling through India wins
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Bowling through India wins

Bowling through India wins

A book Bowling through India wins!!! Bowling through India was a book I shot a most of the pictures for along with another mate John Bougen , the scribbler was  my mate Justin Brown ( we has really there to carry my bag) was ruthe book was runner up in the Travel book of the year last week .

Justin Brown at it a story about five blokes going on a boys trip to play cricket in the slums of India.We had a blast on the trip and it is the first book that I have worked on. we had a great crew and have had stayed in touch after the trip for a little tesser on the trip here is a like to a little multi media project that explains the trip better than I Can

I’m on the road for the next week weeks ,with a job in France to shoot for a week and another one in Thailand on the way back

so keep a look out and I will up date my blog while I’m away ( if nothing eles at least my mother and wife will read it !!)

cheers Brendon