BUSY BUSY and going Loco

June 26th, 2014   |   Posted in: all

Its been rather a busy three months with lots happening Read More

Fire Fire !!!!! but all for a good cause….

May 18th, 2014   |   Posted in: all

Corporate Cabs For the second time had there charity day  This owner/driver-led initiative, which began three years ago but has this year become an official annual event,  Read More

A big Hit in more ways than one …

March 31st, 2014   |   Posted in: all

So one of my first big jobs from the year was to do a session with up and coming boxer Joseph Parker  a all round nice guy who has just signed up by Under Armour NZL , the session was in a cross fit Gym and it was kinda a all on session , no fake sweat needed here .. Read More

really really fast cars that run on the same fuel as my Toyota …..

February 19th, 2014   |   Posted in: all

So a little while ago I had to shoot a little job at the V8 Super Tourers , much to my amazement they use the same fuel that you get from the pump that I would use in my trustly  Toyota ….   just goes in a tad faster and I’m sure they dont wait to buy a chocolate fish with the purchase …


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I am a Plane geek …….. there I admit it

January 7th, 2014   |   Posted in: all

I am a plane spotter…..   There I have now admitted it and its all in the open … but to be fair it kinda   made taking on a job during the xmas hoildays a little bit easier …

The assignment was to cover the Landing of Boeings new 787-9 that is over this side of the world  doing tests etc before coming into service with Air New Zealand who will be the first airline in the world to use this type .
its made of carbon fibre ,is quite as a mouse  and if you have a spare 200 Million you could have one two….. if you are happy to wait four years till your name comes up on the list Read More

be quick there may be a fire coming …..

November 27th, 2013   |   Posted in: all

Cant say I get that every day , but I seem to shoot alot of jobs with very little time  and this was no exception . but when he said there may be a fire he wasnt joking … Read More

long and winding road + snow /rain / sun / hail

October 10th, 2013   |   Posted in: all

It was by best intentions that I was going to blog away while on assignment , but like all good laid plans that was put to bed early on day 1 ..

the assignment was to cover six international  riders as the road from one side of the island to the other… in four days not a easy feat and going down some of the most scenic areas we have in New Zealand. Read More

A long and winding road part 1

September 23rd, 2013   |   Posted in: all

Every year ,I take on a job where the payback is not measured in money return, or in contract  negations etc, (in fact its  two jobs a years as I also do a Charity event once a year as well for Pro bono ). but every year I take on a job were I have total creative freedom to create a video piece or a still Photography assignment on what every floats my boat or in this case spins my wheels.. Read More

what its like working with the Emirates Team Zealand two wins away from possibly winning the Americas Cup ….

September 17th, 2013   |   Posted in: all

Co Owner of our sister Site  Hamish Hooper who has been in San francisco for the past 5 months working as the producer /editor and shooter with the Americas’s  Cup Campaign , gives a bit of a insite what it is like from his point of View ….

“If you think you have a stressful job… think again. Read More

America’s Cup action

September 12th, 2013   |   Posted in: all  co owner Hamish Hooper  ( and a sister site to this one ) is in San Fran shooting video of the Emirates Team New Zealand  quest to bring the cup home for the Team , I have shot Three America’s Cup over My time as a still Photographer so here’s hoping it can bring it back home so we can shoot a bit more  Read More