Brendon O'Hagan | A sleepwalker who writes
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A sleepwalker who writes

A sleepwalker who writes

My Good mate Justin Brown has put out another book ¬†called Myth New Zealand , Justin wrote the captions for the pictures in” Bowling though India” ¬†and I suppose he wrote the other bits that filled in the space between the pictures!! ( I keep telling him that no one buys a book to read these days …they only look at the pictures!!!)

I would like to say I have read it ,but my wife nicked my copy and is laughing so much reading it , she will not give it back until its finished!!

he writes a good yarn does J, ¬†but be warned if you ever have to share a room with him on a three week trip to india ….. he a sleep walker !!! a running up and down hall ways half naked type .!!! ¬†just wished someone had warned me ………. !!!… but dont tell to many people he’s very shy………………….